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We offer a whole person, holistic and integrative approach.

In addition to helping you work through this particular challenge, we teach you the tools to work with your mind, brain and body so that you are not in therapy forever. Uniting our expertise with your goals allows us to effectively customize solutions to meet your individual and family needs. Whether you want to work on responding to stress more effectively, rising from depression, calming and focusing anxiety, navigating a tumultuous emotional life, or improving relationships we start where you are.

More Grounded and

Whether you are feeling lonely and unfulfilled or scattered and disconnected, we can help you work on the barriers keeping you from the life you want. We’ll help you create more calm, deeper connections and even joy. In getting to know what is important to you, we will help you create changes that are consistent with your goals and priorities.

Deeper Understanding

When life is overwhelming it is hard to know where to turn. You’ve tried friends and family, but something just isn’t working. We’ll help you pinpoint where you are getting stuck and shine a light on options so that you can make the decisions that are right for you. Just like growing your own understanding empowers you, understanding your relationships with others helps you make more meaningful connections.

Increased Resiliency

Frequent stress makes it difficult to bounce back. It is fatiguing and hard on your body, but it can also hard to keep the discouragement at bay. Life will throw you some challenges, but your capacity to adapt and face adversity is something you can intentionally grow. By cultivating resiliency, we develop the inner strength and flexibility to overcome obstacles, embrace change and thrive in the face of difficulty. Surprisingly, growing these skills makes you happier in life and it also makes you more physically healthy.

What you are going through now doesn’t have to be your new normal.

When you are frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck it is difficult to move forward. Sometimes it’s even hard to know which way to go. Indecision saps your energy. Unfortunately, if you don’t make a change this can become your baseline. Deep down you know it can be better than this. Let us help you renew.

Providing Solutions for All Your Needs

You know it can be better, you just don’t know how to get there.


When you feel stuck and unsure, we’ll help you find direction. Whether you are going through a major life change, medical challenges, or wanting to improve your communication and relationships, we can help. 

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Parenting is challenging. When you notice that you are stressed and having difficulty connecting with your kids, we are here to help. We can help you reconnect with the love, harmony, peace and happiness you want at home. 

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Medical Psychotherapy

We’ll help you live your best life with chronic medical conditions.  Accepting and adjusting to new medical issues can be difficult to navigate. We’ll help you sort out the details and create a plan so you can get back to thriving. 

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Medical Psychotherapy

Groups and Classes

When you want more knowledge and skills, our groups and classes fill in
the gap.

These offerings are designed to support your growth. We created them to provide more accessible resources to support your work in therapy. These resources provide practical, applicable skill development for anyone seeking to work more effectively with their thoughts, reactivity, difficult emotions or relationships.

Partnership. It takes courage to change. You don’t have to do it alone.

It’s heroic actually. Taking a look at your life and acknowledging that you want more or less of something is honest. It is real. It is empowering. It can also make you feel stuck if you aren’t sure how to go about it.

At MindBrain Institute of Atlanta we get to know you. We create individualized, custom solutions based on your goals. Sometimes you just know you want to feel better, but don’t know where to begin. We’ll explore where things aren’t working, make a plan, and begin taking steps forward.

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Steps to Better Brain Health

Creating better brain health improves our overall wellbeing, ability to change and function well, and our ability to enjoy aging. You deserve the best of mental and physical health and our checklist can help. It’s easy to get started.

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