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Dr. Diana Gordick

I founded MindBrain Institute of Atlanta in response to a growing need for mental health care that educates and informs about the relationship between brain and nervous system care, mental health, and stress resilience.

Over the past 15 years, there has been tremendous growth in our knowledge related to neuroplasticity, healing, and improved outcomes for a range of physical and mental health conditions. I am committed to helping people be informed, active participants in their own healing.

I have extensive experience helping families improve communication, collaboration and connection. In addition to providing individual and family therapy in my office, I have worked in residential treatment centers, group homes, and college counseling centers for over 20 years. I have done mental health work, taken classes, and/or taught at Emory, Georgia Tech, University of South Florida, and Georgia State University.

Methodology Matters

A unique part of my approach is I continually learn about neuroplasticity, hormones, and health. Coupling this knowledge with the creation of intentional habits is a powerful foundation for feeling better. This approach empowers you to lower stress, create better health outcomes, lay the groundwork for lasting change and experience more emotional resilience. Dr. Gordick is a Certified Neuroplasticity Educator, Certified ADHD Professional (ADHD-CCSP), and is extensively trained in pain reprocessing therapy by Howard Schubiner and Hal Greenham.

My work is informed by polyvagal theory, research on stress, happiness, resilience and physical and emotional regulation. My dissertation focused on employee and supervisor characteristics that predicted resiliency during organizational change.

I graduated from Georgia State University’s Counseling Psychology doctoral program, completed an APA approved internship and had conducted over 4,000 hours of clinical work before becoming licensed as a psychologist. After more than two decades and thousands more clinical hours, I am described as warm, approachable, caring, and expert at my role as a psychologist. Prior to opening the MindBrain Institute of Atlanta, I was the Executive Director of a clinically and relationally based residential treatment program. I have supervised licensed and license-eligible clinicians honing their skills in family therapy, CBT and mindfulness skills, and solution focused therapy.

Guided by Purpose:
Our Mission and Values

The MindBrain Institute of Atlanta grew out of Dr. Gordick’s desire to provide additional, accessible tools empowering and supporting your therapeutic growth in addition to traditional therapy. During appointments we’ll help you sort through your difficult situation, and you’ll be able to continue working on your own between appointments. In fact, we know your ability to be successful increases significantly when you do.

We believe all individuals can, and actually want to, grow into more effective, authentic and happier lives. We provide space, respect and support for all individuals, regardless of background, politics, gender identity, neurodiversity and difference. We share our expertise and also hope that one day we’ll say farewell as you continue on your way. We don’t believe that therapy or this difficult situation is forever. We’ll help you grow back into the person you are at your core.

Our areas of expertise are grounded in neuroscience, polyvagal theory, emotionally focused therapy, stress management, self-regulation, ADHD, executive functioning, and the interplay between stress, our nervous system and physical symptoms.

Specifically, we are considered expert in:





Stress Management

Complex Trauma

Intergenerational Trauma

Pain Management


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Adrenal Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue/MES

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