Individual Therapy

Discover Yourself Through Therapy

Usually when people reach out to us, things aren’t going well. Something isn’t working the way the way you’d like it to and everything so far hasn’t worked. It’s frustrating and discouraging but you know it can be better.

You may not feel comfortable talking with someone new or can’t see how it would help. It’s okay. On our end, we know that other things in your life are probably going pretty well. We know that you have friends and loved ones that you care about. Even if you talk about them in therapy, we know they are pretty good people too. You probably wouldn’t hang around them if it weren’t true.

Empowering You, One Session at a Time

While it can be hard to reach out, we’re here and we understand. We’ll work with you with empathy and respect. We are specifically trained in:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Compassion Based Strategies

Complex Trauma

Executive Functioning Skills

Intergenerational Trauma

Mindfulness and Mental Training


Self-Hypnosis (to reduce the emotional intensity holding you back)

Stres Management

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